From time to time, Cloverdale conducts projects on behalf of the Department of Education.

Family Learning Partnership:

During 2020 and 2021, we are involved in a project aimed at helping families identify what they want from education, and helping them get the support they need to achieve their goals.

The Family Learning Partnership is aimed at improving learning engagement and outcomes for families in the Corio area.

The project team is being supported by a working group of representatives from a range of services operating in the northern suburbs. They are helping to guide the project and circulating a survey that will help remove barriers to learning for families and individuals.

The survey asks about how people feel about education, what’s stopping them from learning, what they want from education for themselves and their children, what would help them get better access.

The follow-up from the survey will be to create support for individuals and families who would like help. We’ll work to put people in contact with specific supports to help them. We will also have opportunities for families to be mentored through groups and networks.

The project will run until the end of 2021, so we have time to work with families and get them the support they want. The first step is to have any many people complete our survey as possible.

The survey can be completed at Cloverdale Community Centre, phone 5275-4415, or email for more information.

Capacity and Innovation Fund Round 11

  • In 2019, Cloverdale conducted an Adult, Community Further Education Board Capacity and Innovation Fund Round 11 Category 2 Barwon South West Regional project. Its goal was to assist vulnerable learners to transition to accredited training at The Gordon TAFE.

    Cloverdale Community Centre has a strong history of providing innovative and responsive ACFE programs that meet the needs of learners, the community and industry.

    The Gordon Institute of TAFE is the Geelong region’s provider of a broad range of options in vocational ‘hands-on’ training, with one of the most comprehensive suites of courses in western Victoria. It is one of the largest regional TAFEs in Victoria.

    The project’s goal was to develop sustainable working relationships between Geelong region Learn Local organisations and The Gordon TAFE. This included co-design and delivery of pathway programs to assist vulnerable learners to transition to accredited training at The Gordon.

    Some of the achievements of the project were:

  • Development and delivery of an Introduction to Community Services program to assist students to pathway to Certificate III or
  • Diploma of Community Services courses.
  • Development and delivery of an Introduction to Horticulture program to help students pathway to Certificate of Diploma courses.
  • Development and delivery of a language and literacy support for Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation at TAFE, in response to need identified by TAFE trainers. This was followed by development and delivery of new pre-accredited programs at Cloverdale for the ex-TAFE students.
  • Consultation with The Gordon Skills and Jobs Centre to identify future pre-accredited training needs and pathways to TAFE.
  • Increased relationship building and collaboration between TAFE program areas and Learn Local providers in the Geelong region.

    For more information about the project, email