What is Learn Local?

Learn Local providers across Victoria offer a range of education and training programs designed to meet the learning needs of their local community. Cloverdale is widely regarded for its willingness and ability to create programs in response to community demand.

As a Government-registered Learn Local provider, we can help you return to study, improve your reading, writing and maths skills, gain a qualification, get a job or learn something new.

Learn Local providers are friendly and welcoming, with qualified trainers who are focussed on helping you succeed. There are no tests, assignments or exams, and participants are recognised for their learning and achievements.

When you sign up to a Learn Local course, you’re making a commitment to attend each week it runs. Our programs usually run over eight to 10 weeks during term time. At Cloverdale, we time our Learn Local programs to fit in with school – not starting before 9.30am and always finishing by 3pm.

We offer pre-accredited programs that are designed to help learners gain the confidence and skills needed to look for a job or go on to further study. They include courses in computers (from basics through to intermediate), communication, hospitality, job search skills, getting ready to go back to work and literacy and numeracy.

To deliver pre-accredited training, an organisation must be registered with the Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board. The quality and structure of all pre-accredited programs is regularly reviewed by the ACFE Board.

Our Learn Local programs:

Cloverdale’s Learn Local programs run through each school term, usually over 8 to 10 weeks.

There is no limit to the number of courses you can do; some are designed to lead into other programs. We are working towards incorporating more blended delivery of our Learn Local, so that you can learn from home or through a mix of on and off-site delivery.

Our Learn Local programs include:

Getting Started With Computers: From switching the computer on to using Microsoft Word, email and more.

Developing Computers – 1 and 2: Developing your skills to include use of Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Canva, Publisher.

Tell My Story: Working with a professional journalist to publish a book about you. This program is available by distance learning.

Maths For Real Life: A fun and practical approach to using maths in your everyday life.

Printing and Community Enterprise (PACE): Using art to explore the world of enterprise and business.

Getting Ahead: A practical program to help you find a new way to look at your life and how to plan for the future.

Introduction to Horticulture: Using theory and practical projects at Cloverdale for general interest or as a pathway to work and further study.

My Working Future: A chance to develop employability skills and work on community projects.

Introduction to Community Services: A snapshot of broad range of options in community services for general interest or as a pathway to further study.

Introduction to Kitchen Operations.

Introduction to Barista

Learn Local programs are Job Active approved activities.

Learn Local