Our Learn Local programs:

Cloverdale’s Learn Local programs run through each school term, usually over 8 to 10 weeks.

There is no limit to the number of courses you can do; some are designed to lead into other programs. We are working towards incorporating more blended delivery of our Learn Local, so that you can learn from home or through a mix of on and off-site delivery.

Our Learn Local programs include:

Getting Started With Computers: From switching the computer on to using Microsoft Word, email and more.

Developing Computers – 1 and 2: Developing your skills to include use of Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Canva, Publisher.

Tell My Story: Working with a professional journalist to publish a book about you. This program is available by distance learning.

Maths For Real Life: A fun and practical approach to using maths in your everyday life.

Printing and Community Enterprise (PACE): Using art to explore the world of enterprise and business.

Getting Ahead: A practical program to help you find a new way to look at your life and how to plan for the future.

Introduction to Horticulture: Using theory and practical projects at Cloverdale for general interest or as a pathway to work and further study.

My Working Future: A chance to develop employability skills and work on community projects.

Introduction to Community Services: A snapshot of broad range of options in community services for general interest or as a pathway to further study.

Introduction to Kitchen Operations.

Introduction to Barista

Learn Local programs are Job Active approved activities.