Committee of Management

Neighbourhood Houses, including Cloverdale Community Centre, are governed by community-based voluntary Committees of Management.

What does the Committee of Mangement do?

  • Responsible for strategic planning
  • Accountable for funds received and compliance
  • Responsible for employing and managing staff
  • Oversees policy and procedure development
  • Adheres to Neighbourhood House Coordination Program Guidelines

The Committee:

  • Works as a team 
  • Encourages each member to play a role 
  • Values different opinions and ways of working 
  • Makes decisions in the best interest of the neighbourhood house
  • Delegates operational matters to staff

Members can express their opinions, ask for more information and put forward suggestions and ideas.

Committee members

  • Rev Peter Jewell 
  • Sue Masterton
  • Helen Smith
  • Don Masterton 
  • Mary Budd 
  • Diane Johnson
  • Mathew Pavelis
  • Steve Taylor